Friday, January 29, 2010

Four Day Weekend

The kids are out today and and Monday.  When they were in private school and they only got one day at the end of the quarter I thought how wimpy the public school teachers were needing two.  Now I get it -- LOTS more kids, LOTS more hoops to jump through.  And now I love it because the kids get one day off to recover and the other to clean out the backpacks and notebooks and stuff in order to prepare for the next quarter.  Well, theoretically that's what they can/should do.  I'll let you know on Monday evening how that worked out.

So how am I doing on Thanks, Not Cranks?  Well, for a week I couldn't find the bracelet.  Not complainin', just sayin'.  And honestly, I completely forgot about looking for it.  I found it yesterday and didn't put it back on, but should have.  Today at the gym it was a zoo!  All these people who aren't normally home are home because of the school holiday and they were all at the gym!  So I could have used a reminder to be kind and gentle and p.a.t.i.e.n.t.  Whew!

I think this afternoon we'll make snow cookies since we're supposed to get some more tomorrow.  They're actually just cream cheese cut-out cookies like we make at Christmas, but we do snowflake shapes and cover them in white icing and sprinkles.  Will post photos!

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Susan at Stony River said...

Congratulations on the 4-day weekend! We tried your cream cheese cookies over Christmas and oh, yum, loved them!

I've had a cold and several deadlines this week but I think I'm starting to catch up a little -- so grateful for a weekend ahead!