Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Plates

Haven't done this for a while. Decipher these in the comments if you'd like...and if you can decipher them, let's all make guesses as to why that person picked that license plate. These are all Virginia Plates.









Anonymous said...

Some difficult ones here:

CEO2B = Chief Executive Officer to Be
TECSVY - Tech Savy
NUTRCHF - Nutra Chef ???
3SQEZES - Three Squeezes ??
LNYTNS - Loony Tunes
LYFHPNS - Life Happens
2WLDXY - Two Wild People (X&Y for chromozones or something)

quilly said...

I bow to Thom.

SouthLakesMom said...

CEO2B was on an orange element - not exactly future CEO material!

Nutrchf - I figure it's someone in the chef business who is also a health nut...

The last one, is 2 Wild Boys (xy meaning boys). I don't know if those were the children of the car owner, or co-owners of the car, but it was a pretty mundane car so probably the former.

I concur on the others.

And finally, for Thom, one I saw today:


Anonymous said...

Well at least I was close with the XY I should have figured that one Thanks for the explanation.

DBGGUY hmmm I'm lost with this one.
oh wait The Bug Guy maybe?

I just started writing DBG DBG DBG LOL and that's what made me put my answer down :)