Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sad But True

I'm on Day 2 of the "thank not crank" bracelet. I went to get my haircut this afternoon and told my stylist that I wanted something new. Then I told her about the bracelet and that I can't complain about it for 20 days, so she could do something radical!

She didn't go TOO radical, but it is definitely a different style and so far, I like it!

The Sad but True part is that as I sat in the chair I had NOTHING to talk to her about because I was trying to NOT complain about life. That reveals alot to me about what I usually talk about when I'm there. Yikes!



Catherine said...

Hmmm... yes. I just got my Thanks not Cranks bracelet, but I haven't had the opportunity to have a long enough conversation that would test it. Methinks this weekend will be telling.

Thom said...

Aww I think you need to do some baking. LOL. Gonna share the new do with us?

quilly said...

Oh dear. time to get some positive material! I tend to tell he said, she said stories and make people laugh.

SouthLakesMom said...

Catherine -- the shampoo girl asked me if I have to move it in response to complaining that isn't vocal...I said the voices in my head make me move it more than the voice coming out my mouth!

Thom -- nice try. New do will show later. Gotta go get the brakes fixed on my car right now. Sigh

Q -- yes, well we had just been there the other day for the daughter, so all the good material had been used up! Ha ha...

Susan at Stony River said...

Interesting about the bracelet! I don't think all complaining is bad -- sometimes we're just talking our way toward solutions or acceptance, and that wouldn't really count as 'crank', right? (can't help looking for a workaround LOL)

Congratulations on the new do -- double congratulations on *liking* it!!

Or, did you just say that so you wouldn't be complaining? ROFL

Nessa said...

I hear where you are coming from. Sometimes it is VERY hard not to complain.

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