Monday, May 20, 2013

(Almost) Every Day in May -- Day 20

I had a great ride today. Yes, it was muggy, but when I got some speed under my wheels, it wasn't too bad. I was determined to go to a fabric store near my house that is well-known for the obscure buttons one can find. I'm trying to replace an unusual button from a blouse that I really like. The original broke -- they're really thin -- almost shell-like.

When I got down to the shopping area, I got turned around.  There are four different streets with the same name.  When you're in a car, it's easy to turn around and go back, but by the time I figured out where I was in relation to where I wanted to be, it was a mile back the other way and the only way to get there was via a steep hill with no shoulder on a two-lane road. We have a lot of those around here, but this one carries heavy traffic, and a lot of it big trucks. I had ridden down it once already, and back up. It wasn't the uphill that bothered me. It was the lack of protection I had.

So...I came back to my neck of the woods. What was really cool is that even when I was 8 miles away, it didn't feel like it was a huge slog to get home. I guess that means I'm getting into better shape. Finally!

I stopped at my local bagel place for lunch. The shopping center it's in is under renovation. Some creative soul left a portrait for us. Look closely -- anyone you know?

27 miles today.  Sweet.

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