Monday, May 6, 2013

Every Day in May - Day 6

Woo-hoo!  On an overcast rain-threatening day, I convinced college daughter to ride with me up to our local shopping center so I could do some bank business.  When I added "bagels" to the equation, she agreed. (Why is it my children only ride with me for food?)

When we started out, it started sprinkling, but it didn't last.

The path behind our house (the Turquoise Trail) goes almost directly there, but mostly through the woods. After we crossed one street, and got back on the path, I slowed down. Not 6 feet ahead there were deer on both sides of the path.  I didn't want to be in the middle of the herd when the ones on the south decided to join the ones on the north or vice versa so I used my CAPTAIN AMERICA...bell.

Works every time!  On squirrels too.

On our way back, I took this photo in my neighbor's front yard.  Do you know the name of this plant? It's very pretty, but she gets more sun than I do, so I'm pretty sure it's a "no-go" for my yard.

And finally, when we got home, I thought I'd better take a photo of this before the trees fully leaf out. This is a perennial squirrel's nest. It looks like just a bunch of leaves, but it is amazing to see 3 or 4 squirrels emerge from this blob. They're entertaining but destructive little dudes!

So, only 5 miles round trip today, but it still counts and I avoided the rain!


Life in a Small Town said...

Love the Captain America Bell!

The Bug said...

I love the bell too - so cool! I have no idea what that plant is, although I've seen it before.