Thursday, May 16, 2013

Every Day in May - Day 16

I had quite the adventure today!  I rode my bike 9.4 miles from my house to the metro stop in the next town over. It's going to be SO NICE when our stop is open in January!

Once there, I locked my bike up and got on one of these:

I love how this turned out -- kind of like Edward Hopper only in the Metro.
And that was just on the iPhone!

My destination was here:

 to visit a friend who is recovering from surgery.  It's in Northeast DC, an area which has seen a lot of good and bad over the years. Near this is Lincoln's "Summer White House" where he would go to escape the heat and stress of the job.  It's at the "Soldiers Home" and is now a National Park Service site.

The area one travels through to get to this lovely oasis is gritty, urban core. Is this art or graffiti? Is there a difference?

But, it is also near Catholic University and there are some beautiful buildings there.

This is the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  Unfortunately, the photo was taken from the window of the shuttle bus taking me to the metro station after seeing my friend. Fortunately, they HAVE a shuttle!

Can you see how the wind is whipping the flag?  A lovely, gusty day in DC.

Because I rode 40 yesterday, and almost 10 this morning, and I have a meeting tonight, I decided to cry uncle and called my husband to meet me at the station with my car since it has the bike rack.  Wimp, I know.    At least the car is a hybrid.

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The Bug said...

I love:

1. The DC metro system,
2. The graffiti/art (see how I didn't make a commitment?); and,
3. The church dome - lovely!

I read this comic today & thought of you:

It's the comice for today (5/17) so if you go there on a different day you'll need to go back.