Saturday, May 11, 2013

Every Day in May - Day 11

Well, I guess if my activity has something to DO with biking, I'll count it.  Still feeling pretty ragged, but had to do pre-triathlon things.

Last night we cleaned the bike route.  That means shoveling and sweeping and blowing the road.  Once it was pretty clean, I took a photo and blew it up for our racers to see today at packet pick-up.  Little kids tend to think the part closest to the curb is the safest part, when it's actually the worst in terms of potential accidents. So this is to illustrate the difference between the CONCRETE NO ZONE and the BEAUTIFUL BIKE LANE.  Love bike lanes..

Packet pick-up was so much fun this morning.  The kids are excited, the parents are excited and the teens running everything are excited, but strung out on adrenalin because most of them went to Prom last night. By noon when we finished they were fading fast...and tomorrow is a very early start. For the ones helping set up the course, it's 5am.  Yikes.

Today at Packet Pick Up.  Lots of excitement!

Yesterday evening I saw this license plate. I wonder who would put this on their plate and why?

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Teresa Dawn said...

I haven't visited you in awhile :) Sorry about that... I lost the links to the blogs I used to follow but I'll add you back now :)