Thursday, May 23, 2013

(Almost) Every Day in May -- Day 23

Okay, I'm a slacker.  No ride today either.  Rain has been flirting with us all day, but more importantly, I've just not felt like riding today.

So instead, I went to run errands that are hard to do on the bike.  While I was at the fabric store, I saw that they had updated their bike rack.

This is a wave rack. Architects love them. They're not usually installed correctly, but this is well done.  This is the place that used to have a one-bike "garage".  It was weird looking -- like an igloo but for a bike. Its saving grace was that it was under cover ... I guess.  I never used it.

If you didn't see today's Google Doodle, take a look. This is the one I voted for. Probably has something to do with being a military kid, grandkid, wife, self...

I know this is what my kids felt like when their dad came home from Iraq.

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