Sunday, May 26, 2013

(Almost) Every Day in May -- Day 26

Busy day today!  Church this morning and then took some meals people had brought to a friend recovering from surgery.

When I got back it was time to take the daughter to work. We have a system now -- I take her, with my bike on the car. From her workplace (only 2 miles away), I take off on a bike ride.  Then she has the car to come home at 10 and I get a bike ride.  We originally contemplated her riding her bike this summer to work, but I don't want her on a bike at 10 at night so this works well.

Still had a pretty stiff breeze today, but nothing like yesterday.  It took my muscles about 2 miles to get over their whining and complaining.  About 8 miles into the ride I realized my tires were low. Between that and the head wind I got a good workout!

Here is today's photo.  Can you see the deer?  Just pretend.  Come on, indulge me.  That darn thing stood there on the left next to the big tree for about five minutes just staring at me.  As soon as the shutter opened on the iPhone, he leaped off into the bushes, just before it clicked.  I hate that slow shutter response!  Argh!

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