Saturday, May 25, 2013

(Almost) Every Day in May -- Day 25

Rode in high winds today -- but the big treat was son rode with me.  Well, sort of with me.  Mostly he rode ahead.  At one point on the trail we were being pushed sideways!

We did errands together -- office supply store for printer ink, cashed in a coupon for a free "naked cone" at a frozen yogurt place (I gave it to him for being a good sport and riding with me). Next we rode to the nearby town and dropped off a couple of things.

On the way back home, the son took off, so I called him and told him I'd just meet him at home. I went to the grocery store instead!

On our ride to the office supply store, we found this on one of the paths.  Sigh. If they'd just give us a target date of when it will be open, I'd be SO much happier!  This is inconvenient for cyclists, but it's life changing for people in wheelchairs.

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