Sunday, May 12, 2013

Every Day in May - Day 12

The Be AMYazing Reston Youth Triathlon for 2013 is finished. It was a great morning. We had a group from a local elementary school who became a team coming alongside a classmate who has cerebral palsy so they could work as a team to encourage him. Yay for kids with HEART.

I heard that some of the kids got a little distracted because there was a turtle on the race course somewhere along the way. You gotta love kids.

And we had a great deal of fun despite the wind gusts that blew even heavy clipboards off the volunteer table!

This is my friend's daughter who competed.  She's 7.  Last year when she got to the track (their last lap), she started doing cartwheels.  This year she was a little bit more serious, but truly, that face says it all. This is AFTER she had swum 50 meters, ridden her bike over a mile, and was about halfway into her .33 mile run.

And yes, I got some biking in today too.  Not much -- just 2.5 miles, but enough pain in my leg muscles to motivate me to get busy tomorrow for some serious distance!

Happy Mother's Day to all.


The Bug said...

Oh I LOVE that picture - she is so full of joy! I wish I had enjoyed moving my body that much when I was a kid...

Teresa Dawn said...

Wow great job to your friend's kid :) Sounds like an excellent event :) I wonder why you never see Olympic athletes stopping mid-way to look at a turtle haha!