Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Every Day in May - Day 1

Nineteen miles at Pohick Bay and Mason Neck.  Absolutely GORGEOUS weather.

Creepy little worms hanging down from the trees.  I know, they're God's creatures too but they were all over our jackets.  We even stopped for "de-worming" after we got out of the forested road area.  Ick.

Here's a view of the bay.  The coolest thing about this (besides the fact that I saw a Bald Eagle flying by) is that these views of the water are largely unchanged from when George Washington, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson viewed them. I felt like I was walking the footsteps of history.

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The Bug said...

Gorgeous! Another blogger that I read lives somewhere in your area & has been blogging about the worms - ick!