Thursday, May 16, 2013

Every Day in May -- Day 15

Great long ride today. Met up with 2 Babes on Bikes (it's a loosely organized club). We started from Reston Town Center and headed west to Leesburg.  It was overcast when we started. The weathermen said it would be 86 and we were scoffing at that!

In Leesburg (16 miles later) we stopped for lunch at a lovely little place that Bunny knew about. Yummy almond chicken salad half sandwich with vegetable soup.

Then the hard part ... the return.  The sun came out and I do believe we hit 86 before we were finished!  I should have filled my water bottle at the restaurant.  I was parched by the time I got home!

When all was said and done, because I had ridden to and from home as well, I'd gone 40 miles.  Whew!

Here are Bunny and Betty, the babes I rode with!  Great pace and great ride, ladies!

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