Monday, February 15, 2010

For My Fencer

My daughter has never traveled the road that other kids do. She likes to do things on her own terms and in her own time. Never a trend follower, never a trend leader. But quietly strong-willed. It didn't show up much when she was little because what I was asking her to do was largely within the realm of things she wanted to do. But as she got older, she found her own drummer to follow. So while I am an organizer, she is a 'messy'. While I tend to give time schedules and posted ETA's a healthy respect, she races out to the bus stop at the last possible moment and smiles all the way to school.  We're learning to negotiate these differences without tears and anger and it is a learning process for both of us.

One of her different drummer moments has been her attraction to the sport of fencing.  Her interest started with Historical Fencing because she loves to make films. And all great films have a duel in them. Some are light saber duels, some are Highlander swords, some are the foppish (yet secretly steely) Musketeer-type duels of the 18th century.  She loved that class and all of the techniques she learned. It helped her film making and gave her a whole 'nother set of resources for her writing.

Then she decided to switch to Olympic style fencing. Electric Olympic style fencing. And she has blossomed.  She LOVES to go and is now talking about joining the Masters class so she can compete regularly. The only heartache I have with this is that the Fencing Academy is at least a 30 minute drive, and on school evenings, more like 45 minutes to an hour.  And while she'll be driving soon, rush hour traffic is NOT how I want her to cut her teeth. So I'll be doing more car time.

But, she is my daughter and I love her. If she really wants to commit to fencing, I'll support it.  Besides, my desire for her in fencing is perfectly illustrated in this comic which ran on 12 February 2010.


Anonymous said...

How cool is this. I love the cartoon by the way. Such a good mother you are. Ria at Short Attention Span Theatre daughter does this. That was the first time I'd ever thought of a girl/woman participating. It' is wonderful to me.

That corgi :) said...

what an admirable activity to be involved with; I can see it would be so beneficial in so many aspects of life and living; too bad the commute is a tough one though


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Ha ha ha .... that is so awesome!
You must be so proud of her though.

She must look great , good form.

I thought for just a minute that she wanted
to be a DRUMMER. lol

Pardon me, English is not my first language
but no excuses . lol

Enjoy her, hun. Soon , she will have WINGS.


quilly said...

LOL! She will be a bit intimidating to the boys -- but not to the RIGHT boy.

nessa said...

It is wonderful that you nurture her differences.

I always wanted to take up fencing. It seems so beautiful and you get to hold sharp things.


Susan at Stony River said...

En garde! LOL Fencing is just too cool; I hope she keeps on loving it and doing well. The concentration, balance and sportsmanship of it should all help in other ways she'll never guess at now.

I don't know -- maybe rush hour traffic is a *good* way for her to drive? After all nobody's going very fast LOL But think of all the really good mother-daughter conversations that car will be host to, while you two are stuck behind bumpers. This move might be a great thing.

Wish her luck for me!

SouthLakesMom said...

Thom, Betty, Shakira, you're all very kind. I agree that the fencing is a great thing -- builds her confidence!

Quilly -- you're en pointe! ha ha

Nessa -- more to the point (ha ha), you get to hold the NOT sharp end and wield it! But if you always wanted to try it, have no fear. Fencing is an ageless sport. We have the world champion in the 60+ male category at our academy and he is AMAZING. I see fencers of all shapes, sizes and genders. All that matters is enthusiasm!

Susan -- you're right. That car time can be really precious. Thanks for reminding me of that!