Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three Word Thursday

Taking a break from my chef story, this morning I will do a little non-fiction for Three Word Thursday. Why? Because this morning I had to go to my annual mammogram. And who knew that these words would lend themselves so beautiful for such a FUN time!

Because my mother is a breast cancer survivor, I'm diligent about having the annuals. The technician was very kind, but she still had to do her job thoroughly. If there had been an odynometer attached to the machine, it would have shown intense spikes!

I always try to be extremely cooperative because the worst thing they can say after they do the 'first check' of the image is "we have to do another one (or more)".  When that happens, I am tempted to morph into a brephophagist -- and I love children! (not in the edible crunchy way, of course)

The second image they take always makes me feel like I should come out of the office with olympic level sagittipotent skills. With that arm held up and out for the duration of the image capture, everything from the triceps to the ribs is in perfect position to let the arrow fly...right into the backside of whoever designed these machines.  There's gotta be a better way.

For the few guys who read my blog, sorry.  This is probably TMI for you guys.  Just imagine if the only way doctors had to examine your squishiest most sensitive parts for health was to flatten them, tell you to hold your breath while they take an imagine, and then do it again from a different angle.  Yeah, you'd be spitting out baby parts too.

However, I know my female readers are nodding their heads and saying, "yeah, and you know what happened when I had my last one ? ? ?"  Feel free ladies to vent it in my comments, but promise me that you'll get the screenings regularly. Having lost one blog friend this month, I don't want to be losing any more any time soon!

If you don't have health insurance, there are free programs to cover mammogram screening.  If you do have good health insurance and you want to help other women who don't, take a look at this site.

Blessings and love, K


The Bug said...

I keep forgetting to pay attention to my cycle when I'm scheduling my exams. As you know, we're more "sensitive" at different times of the month. So some years it's easy-peasy & other years it's ouch city!

Anonymous said...

This was a brilliant 3WT and I'm just glad that you get an annual mammogram. Great use of the words and it sounds painful. And here's some TMI: Imagine having to have your prostrate checked! Ouch but something that like a mammogram should be done.

polona said...

great use of the words.
mammogram... i hate it with a passion. and although i know it's necessary i postpone it as much as i can... with no breast cancer history in the family i can somewhat afford it

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh Yikes, does anything good ever happen in a doctor's office or clinic?? But I like a 3WT with a cause!! You're right, it's got to be done. Our kids probably want us to stick around (go figure LOL)

quilly said...

Been there. Done that. in one of my screenings the tech -- a MALE 10 years my junior -- squished my boob and lifted me up so I was standing on my toe nails, then said, "Hang on, I'm out of slides and left the room!

He was gone long enough that my thighs were starting to quiver, and soon that rivaled the pain in my breast. Slowly it dawned on me that the voices I could hear outside the door were his and a female. From her giggling I can only assume they were flirting of making out.

I yelled. He and she came running into the room. He had not even gone to get the slides and told me he'd do so right away. She told him he had to let me out of the machine. They both asked me not to tell.

I refused to finish the session and got dressed. I went to the reception desk and I very well did tell. Then I went back to my doctor and insisted he send me to a radiology clinic with professional female techs. I don't usually discriminate, but that was just too much.

Sorry for the book long comment. Now I am all ticked off all over again. LOL!

SouthLakesMom said...

Bug - I'm just "glad" to be doing them pretty regularly, never mind the now-at-this-age ever changing hormones!

Thom - it's prostate, not prostrate...and I'm not going to even talk about gyn exams...

Polona - even without family history of breast cancer it should be regular. My mother had no history in her family and "bing" it showed up.

Susan - our clinic now sends survey forms after all visits to ask how we were treated, how long we had to wait, etc. It's really nice!

Q - I'm sorry you experienced that! And I'm glad you followed up with the front desk AND your doctor! And sorry it ticked you off again remembering it!

Our imaging center is very sensitive -- everyone who works in there is female so I know THEY know exactly what it feels like and they're quick to minimize discomfort.

Ordinarily Just Me said...

Excellent use of the words. And since you already stated what I was going to say in your last comment I will leave it at that other than to add that they are coming out with a new procedure that is supposed to be way better and non-painful. Something about sonogramming or something (for those that know what I'm talking about sorry)like that.

Nessa said...

Great use of the words and a good reminder that mammograms need to be done.