Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perfect Gifts

Up front, let me say, THIS IS NOT A PAID POST.  I don't do those.  This is just an endorsement of a somewhat-local artisan who does beautiful, God-inspired work.  I saw her jewelry on a friend and was captivated by it. Since then I've ordered a piece for my sister-in-law's January birthday (she loved it), my mom's birthday (today) and now my sister.

When you visit the site, make sure you read the "About Us" part. It captures Tiffany's heart, and I believe, God's plan for Her.

Her jewelry is on sale right now for the Valentine Day holiday.  Even when it's full price, you're getting a superb deal. Right now, it's untouchable.

So for those of you who love jewelry with meaning, check it out!

This is her series of the "Olive Branch" design.

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That corgi :) said...

it is beautiful work; I'll have to check out her web site sometime when I have more time

happy (belated) birthday to your mom :)