Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ten Things to Be Thankful For

These are not in order of priority, just as they occurred to me.

1.  Heat
2.  Electricity
3.  The Word of God
4.  Fresh Water

5.  Small Birds
6.  Digital Cameras
7.  Computers
8.  Adequate Compensation
9.  Good Schools
10. Good Health

The ones that go without saying are family and friends.  Without them, the rest of it is pretty meaningless.  Happy Sunday, everyone!


Nessa said...

All incredibly good to have and many people do not. It is good to remember that and be thankful.

The Simple Things Challenge

Susan at Stony River said...

What a great list -- I hope your electricity and heat stay on, and that the snow's finished!

quilly said...

I am not questioning the list, but I am pondering the order. I bet the arrangement of those top ten things hange due to circumstance.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic list. Simple but all so true :) Have a great Sunday. I hope all is well :)

SouthLakesMom said...

Nessa -- as we sat here in a cold house yesterday without power I reflected on the fact that we had lots of blankets, and several layers of clothes and that in Haiti, many people didn't have any extra clothes or shelter before the earthquake, and less afterward. As we shoveled snow yesterday and today, I reflected on the fact that in Haiti, they were trying to dig through rubble with less than snow shovels to reach people who were trapped. It made my problems seem pretty small.

Susan - we're supposed to get more Tuesday evening. Sigh.

Quilly -- I suspect you're right -- although they weren't in any particular priority, even the list items might changed depending on the season!

Thom -- Mahalo, Friend. If you come visit, bring a snow shovel. Please.