Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Useful Website

One of my challenges in trying to cook/eat more healthy and to burn more calories than I consume is that I LOVE to cook and EAT.  Many of the recipes I make are a mixture of calories and don't always have a calorie count with them.

There are a couple of sites to use to figure this out.  The one I've been using is Sparks.com  You enter the ingredients, enter the number of servings, and voila - it gives you the calorie count per serving!

Tonight we had skillet chicken and rice from the America's Test Kitchens 2007 cookbook.  (My mother in law gives me the book and DVD's each year for Christmas or my birthday).  I was concerned about the calorie count because I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs rather than breasts.  Thighs are much more fatty, although I trimmed as much as I could.

Using the Sparks. com site I discovered that one serving was under 250 calories.  Not bad for a yummy meal.  I added a salad.  Unfortunately, my daughter threw on the packaged dressing with it which took an 8 calorie romaine salad to 140 calories!  So, instead of the glass of wine, I had salad dressing.  Oh well, I still was able to have my 2 cookies for dessert.

The cool thing about this is that I am in control.  I make my choices, and I live with my consequences.  On the days I go to the gym and do circuit training, I can pretty much eat whatever I want.  On the days I work out at home on the Wii Fit, I'm a little more conservative.  On the days I don't work out at all, no cookies AND no wine.  Just whine.

And slowly, slowly, the weight is coming off.  And everyone around here is happier about that!


Nessa said...

That's sounds like a very useful site. Thanks for sharing.

Poor Tuesday

quilly said...

I am still watching what I eat but between my head cold, my writing gig, cooking Amoeba THREE meals a dy (and cleaning up after them, plus general house work, etc., I haven't been keeping good track or posting to my blog.

Susan at Stony River said...

That IS handy! I try to add it up in my head but wonder how accurate it really is.

I lost 5lbs in the 3 weeks after Christmas, and now I'm stuck. I always get stuck at exactly this weight when I lose, so I'm ignoring the scale for now and keeping at it. Ran a little extra on the treadmill today (I hate that thing LOL)