Sunday, February 7, 2010


My neighbor informs us:
Given the amount of snow we got...if you shoveled a driveway 10 ft wide by 45 ft long - you would have lifted 2 TONS of snow!!

Wow -- I'm more of a superhero than I thought!  Our driveway is almost exactly that.  Of course, the kids and husband helped, so I guess I'm only responsible for about a ton...  ha ha  Look at the driveway here -- we moved a LOT of snow!  And notice the welcome sign, almost buried!  That's not from shoveled snow -- it was buried that deep when we first went out!

Early this morning one of the snow plows got stuck on our street. The second plow was trying to pull him out.  I loaned them a snow shovel so both of them could dig the tires out and my neighbor brought them some power-drinks.  Thus, the top of OUR drives got cleared out VERY nicely!  It pays to be kind!

The look of surprise on the face of this squirrel when he tried to walk across the top of the snow was priceless.  The snootful of snow he got stayed while he scavenged below the feeder.  Does that make him a bottom feeder?

The trees were so laden with snow that some were bent over with their tops touching the ground.  This is a holly.

This huge pine tree looks like an excessively ornamented Victorian matron.

This snow cave is actually a burning bush tree that needs to come out in the spring (it's an invasive species).  Maybe after this snowfall it will be grateful to go!


quilly said...

I think your Victorian Lady tree looks more like the Abominable Snowman!

I would have liked to see the look on the squirrel's face when he fell through the snow. I am glad there was food for him to find down there, though.

Anonymous said...

Ouch...your aching back. Wow...I would have never guessed that. How come you don't get a snow blower or something to help with this? Wouldn't that be easier? Loved all the photos. I love that squirrel. Thanks for sharing this my friend :)

SouthLakesMom said...

Quilly, the squirrel's face was indeed hilarious...but too quick for the photo.

Thom -- it's the next morning now and neither my back or shoulders hurt! I must be in better shape from the gym than I would have thought. We haven't gotten a snow blower because this is an unusual occurrence. The last time we would have REALLY needed it was in 2003 when we moved in...besides we have teens and they help. Since the younger male doesn't leave home for another 6 years, I think we have at least one more good snow year before we have to invest. Ha ha

The Bug said...

We had snow too - but not nearly as much as you guys. Wow! Our driveway is a lot shorter thank goodness - & we paid two neighborhood kids to shovel it for us (they were cheap! charged $4, but we paid them $6). We followed up behind them (they didn't do the area around our garage) & I was VERY sore the next day! I'm fine today though.