Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Snow

Expecting between 12 and 24 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.  They already cancelled school for tomorrow, and we've already lost one 'no school' day.  Next they start digging into spring break.  Sigh.

Worse, it means the child who eats anything that isn't marked poison is home all day . . . hungry.  Somehow, marking everything poison is losing its effectiveness.  I love my son; he can't help it that he's growing so fast!

So I went to the mall to return a Christmas gift today.  It was a really cool device -- converts slides to computer disk, but it turns out the slides that belonged to his dad had all been tossed a while back.  Don't even want to go there for that conversation.  Anyway, I had to be out at the Town Center for it.  So I 'ran into' Wegmans to get a couple of things.  Not because of the snow but because I always go into Wegmans when I'm out there.

OH. MY. GOODNESS.  People were going berserk.  The lines were incredible.  People from all over Ashburn had come to stand in line.  There were the organics and the strictly processed.  Mothers who homeschool were there, sending their children all over the store to pick up items.  I saw one little boy, about 4, with his older siblings.  They were in the baking aisle.  He was very cleverly licking his finger, wiping it along the shelf where the sugar stands, and sticking it into his mouth.  I decided I didn't need sugar . . .

I never could find the canadian bacon or the tahini, so I got 6 items, got into the 7 or less lane and got out of there.  Whew!  It was scary!

I figure if I get up early tomorrow and go get a good workout at the gym I'll be prepared for the snow to move in.  I'm ambivalent.  I mean, I love the snow and snow days.  As long as we have heat and light.  But I'm getting concerned about how this affects the kids' schooling.  On the other hand, when I suggest home schooling they ask to go to boarding school, so I guess that won't work either.   Mother of the year here...

Stay warm.  Photos will definitely follow after 10 a.m. tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well I think you'd make a great mother of the year. Ya sure can bake that's for sure LOL. Speaking of the kid in the aisle, maybe he wanted someone to be baking for him ya think? I sure don't envy you having to go through that snow. Too much but I saw it was moving in on CNN. And you think your kids miss school? Try being in Hawai'i and they have 17 furlough Fridays. Irritates me to know end that the state is using the education of our future because they can't keep the budget in balance. FOOLS!!!

quilly said...

Just enjoy the time off. Feed the bottomless pit a huge tub of oatmeal for breakfast. That ought to give you an hour to think up the next meal. ;)

Susan at Stony River said...

Thank heavens for the under-7 aisle! I told my daughter a few months back to always have way too much toilet paper and plenty of canned food in the house, so whenever a snowstorm was coming she wouldn't have to go face down the loonies. Glad you got home again, and good luck feeding! LOL

SouthLakesMom said...

Thom, thanks! I can't believe the kids in Hawaii are furloughed because of budget. Yikes! Talk about twisted priorities!

Many of our military friends who homeschool started when they were stationed in Hawaii -- because of the quality of schools and priorities of legislators. Wow, I'm sorry to hear it.

If your school aged family members want to stay on top of geography, tell them to try the puzzle in my later post.