Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Ultimate Post-It Notes

Years ago, pre-kids and two-incomes, we went to an auction and came home with a post office.

Really!  This post office was the old-time country-store postal window that had been removed from someplace in West Virginia.  It's very cool.  It has the bars and little doors, and the cash drawer with a sliding tray.  The tray has two big semicircles hollowed out for the change.  The names of some of the original box holders are still underneath some of the boxes.  There's a small paper remnant of the prices on one side.  I just wonder what kind of news came in those boxes over the years...

My original vision for the piece was that it would be a great thing to play with for any kids that came along, but the reality is that it isn't stable enough for that.  It was obviously built into the counter of the general store -- there's molding on the top to confirm that.  Sitting on it's own, it is an easy-toppler.  Not good for small children with fragile heads.

Right now it's in our laundry room and it's one of the things that needs to go somewhere else for the laundry room revamp. I would like to clean it up (not refinish!) and move it into our family room.  If anyone has any ideas of how to use it decoratively, I'm listening!  Here are the photos.  If you click the photo it gets blurry, but you can see more detail.  Sorry, crappy camera.

From the front, with door open. Notice how
top molding is mitered on the right corner?

From the back, doors closed. Not as pretty
but way cool.


Anonymous said...

When I saw that in your prior post I almost commented on it but I thought nawh...just shelves or something. How cool is that. :) I wish I could give ya some ideas with it but me and home decorating just don't mesh LOL

Nessa said...

That is a gorgeous piece of furniture. It's beautiful just all by its lonesome.


Catherine said...

That is very cool!

You've won a blogging award, by the way -- check it out at my blog: http://thegiesbrechts.blogspot.com/2010/02/sunshine-all-around.html


SouthLakesMom said...

Thom, I'm surprised you don't have the "decorator gene" -- but I don't either. Ha!

Nessa, thanks! I would leave it as is if it was stable enough!

Thanks, Catherine! I appreciate the award.

Susan at Stony River said...

I am soooo envious -- it's beautiful and unique! I once had a card catalogue when our library went electronic (I *still* think card catalogues have a few advantages over 'pooters, hm) and it was quite a conversation piece.

Meanwhile I haven't a CLUE what use you could put that too, except as a wonderful decorative piece. If something comes to me I'll be back!

Sharon said...

What an interesting piece. Hzbnd's co-worker has one and uses it for a wine cabinet.

Anonymous said...

That gene isn't even in my body LOL