Sunday, March 14, 2010

Accusing and Discouraging

It is difficult to ask "who left the wet towel on the floor?" without it sounding like accusing. Similarly, it is difficult to be encouraging when the child asks "what do you think" about the clean room and you still see all the clothes on the floor where they were before.

So, no, I'm not doing so well on the 30 Days to Taming my Tongue today. I guess I'm supposed to just pick up the wet towel and hang it up and not care who left it, but just be loving enough to pick it up. The only problem with that is when my children leave home, I'm not going with them to pick up their wet towels.

This has been a rough 24 hours of this tongue taming business!  Paraphrasing the apostle Paul, I know what I should be doing, but I keep doing what I'm good at instead!


Mary said...

LOL! That sounds like my house!

quilly said...

You mention what is good, specifically, and without sarcasm, and mention what hasn't been done. "Oh, your bed is so pretty when it's made and I like your bookshelves. I can see all the book spines properly and the nic-nacs are dusted and shiny. Your desk looks great, too. That pencil cup is a nice artistic touch. When you finish picking up your clothes, the whole room will be lovely."

OR -- "Thank you for cleaning the bathroom after the shower. I am always happy when I don't have to go in and put your toothbrush and hair things away. You must have forgotten your towel, but I went ahead and picked it up for you."

Anonymous said...

You go girl. Sometimes the tongue just can't be tamed no matter how hard we try. I tell you what though, No one would leave the house until said towel was put up by someone other than yourself and rooms were cleaned as we know clean :) Oh I can be so evil!!!! And my tongue doesn't even hurt being that way because I can say it with all the sweetness and love there is :) WOOT!!!

Susan at Stony River said...

This is a downfall of mine. I just get so tired. I remember Marge Simpson yelling at her family once, "I'm not going to be the one to clean this up!" and a moment later sighed and said, "oh, who am I kidding."

Everyone laughed but me.

Well, courage! LOL This isn't an easy one, but good luck!