Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow is Mostly Melted

Hooray! When I look out the window I see more brown and green than white! And it's near 60 today so a beautiful afternoon.  I wore shorts to the gym and I've stayed in them all day because I didn't get cold!

Remember that holly tree that was bent over with snow?  Here's the photo to remind you.

I knew it was broken, but until the snow melted we couldn't get out there to see how bad the break was.

Here it is, first the branch end. Next the stub up in the tree.

The rest of the back yard looks like a wasteland as well. But we know that plants are resilient and the strong survive. And as if to reward me for coming out to see, look what else I found.

Sorry for the blurriness -- I have a really inadequate camera. In that same spot we used to get a row of Lenten Roses, but I don't think they can make it up through the matted leaf layer. The heaviness of the snow really packed a lot of things down.

I have seen lots of buds on trees, big fat robins and handsome cardinals, the kids are both starting to sniffle with allergies...I even noticed that the chipmunk holes out in the front suddenly look as if they're "active."

On Saturday my husband was working in the back of the house to reattach the grate the covers the dryer vent. As he put the screws in with the power screwdriver it made that rat-a-tat-tat noise that says, "DONE!" This morning while I was working I heard the noise again, but he's at work and there were no power tools currently being employed. Yep, a woodpecker was trying to embellish our external decor. How is it that a 5-inch bird can make a sound like a miniature pile driver?

I even opened up the windows and turned off the heat today to get the cooking smells out of the house.  Ahhhh....spring. Can we say happy dance?


Anonymous said...

WOOT...Let's here it for Spring. :) Beautiful pictures my friend. I'm so glad for all of you that have so suffered this winter :)

Mary said...

Isn't it the nicest present to see those first flowers? Welcome to Spring!

Sweet Tea said...

I've never heard of Lenten Roses. Interesting...Little hints of Spring give us hope that lots of sunshine is soon to follow. Great photos!

quilly said...

I am happy you are seeing signs of Spring. We had snow flurries today and I was wearing my heavy coat! Brrr!

Susan at Stony River said...

Beautiful! HAPPY SPRING! Poor Holly has a tale to tell the grandkids about the winter of '10... LOL

I'll be so glad when the flowers return here; this winter seemed so so long.