Saturday, March 6, 2010

My God is Bigger than Any Problem

Church of the Holy Cross (Akdamar Kilisesi)
A medieval Armenian Church on the Island of Van, Turkey

Finally!  One of the passages that I truly DO NOT do! This one is on the Intimidating Tongue. I don't bully other people. Having worked in the field of law, it is one of the most distasteful things to experience, so I am not at all drawn to it.

I do have dear friends who are married to men who are fond of verbal tongue-lashing as a regular event - as if it is part of conversation. I pray for these dear ones for the Lord to give them strength, grace and mercy and when I'm being obedient, I pray for their husbands as well.

I have to say this is the first passage that has really disappointed me. She spends some time in it extolling a TV preacher for whom I have no patience. He preaches prosperity theology and I find him very distasteful, and she uses him as an example of humility, which if you spend 5 minutes watching him you know he is not.  Worse, the paragraph about him doesn't really even fit into the flow of the discussion of people who use their tongues to intimidate others. Bleh.

Lord, thank you for providing me with a man who, while not perfect, does not use his tongue to intimidate or denigrate. Thank you for the example of David who, after listening to Goliath's rant, simply told the giant who David chose to serve and let you lead the battle.


quilly said...

Oh, my ex- was very much a verbal abuser and he started so gradually and passively that I was thoroughly cowed before I knew what happened!

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh the damage this can do; brings up not-so-good memories!

I'm with you on the 'prosperity theology', and can just imagine who the preacher is. Hmm!