Monday, March 15, 2010

In the Company of Thomas

The Doubting Tongue is one that comes from our tendency to rely on our own strength rather than the Lord's. If He gives us a task to do, He will also equip us with the resources to do it. Period.

The Doubting Tongue often tears churches apart, especially when they begin a building program or a new outreach. The energy of those who are committed can only carry the project forward for a certain time. If the Lord isn't in it, the project will start to lose its momentum. Then all the 'bad' tongues we've seen during this study will surface, eager to put their spin on what "should have been."

Yesterday our Pastor preached on the passage in Ephesians about the mystery of the Gospel being extended to the Gentiles. The mystery wasn't the extension of the salvation message to the non-Jews. That had been evident from early times. The mystery was that they would be equal heirs to the Kingdom of God. There would be no waiting rooms, inner sanctums or special places reserved for anyone else. We are all equal before God - male and female, Jew and Gentile, slave and free. So, my thoughts were going, "why on earth do we continue to engage in perpetuating denominations?" I really struggle with this because we attend a church that is a particular denomination, but have not joined, largely because we don't consider ourselves a member of any denomination, but rather Servants of Christ. We have all the privileges of members except that we can't vote at congregation meetings, which is fine with us. It forces us to instead PRAY for the direction the church is going instead of lending our voices to an already abundant chorus.

I do believe in the Truth of the Word of God. When I hear any Christian 'authority' quoted, I go back to what I know to be true.  If it isn't consistent with what the Lord is showing me in the Scriptures, I try to withhold comment, but instead pray. I don't want to doubt the Lord, but I have no problem doubting those who claim to speak for Him.

Lord, I believe it is a mystery as to why you chose me to be one of your servants. Please forgive my flaws, and help me to be your willing, albeit cracked vessel, pouring out your love to others.

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