Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making me Smile

I started to write this when I was at the George Mason Public Library today.  My daughter was in a class nearby so the library was a good place to wait.  Unfortunately, I couldn't post to my blog from my iTouch.

Anyway, so what made me smile?  Lots of things.  Here are some of them, not in order of importance.

  1. A huge mystery section at the library.
  2. Lots of parents in the library with their children.
  3. Lots of children of different hues, all excited about being in the library.  Now mind you, this was the first really nice weather day we've had in weeks. The temp got up to the 60's.
  4. As I listened to music on my iPod I was reminded that my daughter had borrowed it recently and 'accidentally' copied her music onto it. Normally that would irritate me, but then a tune came on that was so irrepressibly her that I had to smile. It was "Mr. Mistoffelees" from the musical, CATS.
And then, the drive home was not too harrowing, and the BBQ in the crockpot smells divine.

A good day.


Mary said...

I love to see little kids in the library, so excited to get a book! I love mysteries as well! Our local library sends out Mystery Newsletters by e-mail so you can keep up with new books coming out.

Anonymous said...

You know sometimes I've wondered if a library is going to become a thing of the past. It's great to know it isn't. :)

Susan at Stony River said...

A library day IS a great day! And hurray for crockpots that welcome you home!

SouthLakesMom said...

Thom - that's exactly our issue right now in Fairfax County. Our county budget conniptions are in progress. The library budget is less than 1% of the entire county budget, but it's in the sights for getting cut by 15% -- on top of the 18% that was cut last year. Public Schools - 54%. I have kids in public schools, so I surely understand the need, but I also see LOTS of budget arrogance and waste.

The kids that I see in the libraries on the weekend and in the evenings are largely 1st generation immigrant kids and African American kids. Truly taking advantage of the American Dream.

Did you know that in many countries you cannot take books home from libraries? And you cannot use the library unless you are a dues-paying member?

Ben Franklin was onto something when he started this whole idea...