Monday, March 15, 2010

Craving Approval

I have to admit I get a warm fuzzy each time one of you comments on what I've written -- just because you cared enough to visit here and do so. I so appreciate every comment and the supportive ones REALLY feed my ego!

Alas, time is becoming shorter these days. No, it's not due to Daylight Savings Time (although that did wreck a perfectly good hot-rod dream this morning). But I'm going on a sabbatical from the memes and web-crawling.

I have the privilege of helping some friends who are really going through a rough time. It doesn't look to be temporary, and it doesn't look to be an easy fix-em-up and off they go. I think the time investment is going to be a big one. But I do feel this is a special gift the Lord is giving me to help in any way that I can, so rather than lament that I won't have the time/energy to continue engaging in the memes I've come to love, I'll just say, I'll see you when I can see you, and I'll understand if you spend your time elsewhere!

Here are some absolutes though:

Susan, when you land at Dulles this summer, I simply MUST see you. So I'll be checking in to monitor your trip plans.

Thom, you make me laugh, especially on the days that drain my energy. So I'll be checking in to laugh, even when I don't have any energy to make an intelligent (or otherwise) comment.

Quilly, you make me think and you help me grow, so I'll be by on occasion to see what the Lord is doing in Friday Harbor!

Lidna, you help me see the lighter side of life so I'll stop by occasionally to be YOUR cheerleader.

All of you who have been so gracious, generous, and encouraging, I covet your prayers for this journey.  (Susan, this is a youtube video of Satchmo singing What a Wonderful World. Don't feel bad that you're on dial up.  It would make you cry.)


quilly said...

Kelley, put your energies where they are needed. We will miss you, but we will be right here when you have time to stop by. I said a prayer for your friend, and I asked God to shore you up in wisdom, strength, and faith as you provide aid.

Anonymous said...

Kelley my dear sweet friend take all the time you need. I'm
not going anywhere and I'm so proud of you for doing what your doing. It sounds fufilling and exciting. Just remember if ya do any baking send it my way COD!! LOL Love the video. Watch your tongue. Keep an eye out for license plates. And above all else stay good to yourself and your family. Gonna really miss you. See ya when we can :) xoxo

SouthLakesMom said...

Thank you both of you. Feeling a little less overwhelmed this morning, but still aware that there are only 24 hours in each day!

Nessa said...

it sounds like your time will be much better spent. we'll all be here later.

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Susan at Stony River said...

Sounds like you're being called to do something special -- good luck with it and God bless you all!

I'm afraid I'm much more likely to land at either Pittsburgh or Cincinnati to get to my daughter's house, but I *do* definitely want to visit this summer! Whether we meet up at the Enterprise or if you make it to our house, we should make it happen somehow. Definitely keep in touch!

Meanwhile, good luck with everything, and I hope the Spring brings you all good things!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are going through some of the same things I am going through right now.
Please don't forget to take care of yourself.