Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Sprung

We had the most glorious weather this weekend. I've had the windows open because even with the pollen on the breeze, I'd rather have the breeze!  Achoo and love it!

It was a VERY busy weekend though. Friday evening was our Home Builders meeting. Friday afternoon was also gorgeous so I baked some goodies for that evening. It was a good meeting before we break for Easter.

Saturday morning started very early for Boy Scout Troop 1577 for Mulch Delivery Day.  Dad and son worked from 6:30 am until 7:30 pm (son) 9:00 pm (dad). The girls had a different mission. Mom took daughter to Annandale for her SAT prep course. This Saturday they had a double session so I could leave her until 2:30. So I dashed back to the house, picked up the BBQ in the crockpot for the "Mulch Cafe", dropped it off at the church where the troop meets, and then went to the Library to work the Children's Sale. How odd it is to just work the sale and not purchase anything! I think it means my children have moved to a very different stage in life!  How liberating to be able to just help and not keep any eye out for "treasures" for our own household!

I have noticed something about the booklovers who frequent our sale. They're more than just book-lovers. They're book hoarders! One family was picking up a set of the Chronicles of Narnia books. One of the children told me that with this set they'd have five...I guess you need a set for each kid?

At 2 I left to go get the girl from her class and back to our house. Then I took her to a birthday BBQ for a friend, then back to get her at 5:30. The guys finally straggled in much later.

Sunday was church and then out to Annandale for class for the girls. While she was in the class (since it was only 2 hours this time), I ran to the base commissary and bought food for the week. While we were in that direction, the guys were helping finish returning the trucks and cleaning up from Mulch Day.

We finally sat down as a family for home made spaghetti dinner and everyone enjoyed being back together again.

Awoke this morning to bird song and fresh breezes with a little moisture in them. Rain and a thunderstorm are promised tonight! I'm so glad I'm not out where they've received another 8 inches of snow this weekend!


Susan at Stony River said...

Sounds like a busy weekend but a great one - congratulations on getting so many good works done, and good luck to your daughter on the SAT!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy weekend but refreshing at that with the start of Spring :)

quilly said...

Hooray! I am glad that sunshine has found you. Being worn out after a day of service has to be the best kind of tired there is.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to have the flowers in bloom and the wonderful spring air?
Our mulch sale is in a few weeks -- we are still at the order-taking stage right now.

SouthLakesMom said...

Susan, Thom and Quilly, it was a good kind of worn out -- and it was odd to have Monday feel like a 'whew' recovery day! Sent everyone off to school and work and just relaxed for a minute or two.

Kcinnova - are you troop 1970? We just got a mulch flyer for them...just taking orders now. I'm so relieved that's done!

Nessa said...

Saturday was such a beautiful day.

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