Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Shoes

Not me, the daughter. We got to go shopping today. I love that this kid has her own money now...and wants to spend it on her own clothes and shoes. I took her to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) where she bought two pair of Converse sneakers. I told her that people wore Cons in her grandmother's day for goodness sakes but she insisted. Okay, I don't care. They're better than her wearing flip-flops to school. (I don't allow it. Supposedly it's against the school dress code but I see kids in all grades do so.  Not. My. Kid.)

Other than her almost getting hit by two different people in two different cars in the parking lot, we had a great time. BOTH drivers had the arrogance to glare at HER. So, I hear you wondering, just what was she doing? Only trying to get out (1st time) of the car and then back into (2nd time) the car. They were each so INTENT on screaming into the parking place next to us that any human bodies that might be nearby were completely invisible. Seriously, it wasn't as if she was in the middle of the empty parking space!

Oh well, she's happy with the shoes and I'm happy with the time spent with her.


Mary said...

Those are really cute shoes! Why didn't we have such cute tennies when we were young?

Anonymous said...

LOL There are so many "tongue" references here I wouldn't know where to begin of which one I would break with those drivers. LOL Cute sneakers :)

Susan at Stony River said...

Limousines for the feet! Converse, what a classic -- she's got great taste and I love that starry pair.

Even better I love your last line in this post!

Sweet Tea said...

Cute shoes!!
She "done" good!
And with her OWN $$!!

The Bug said...

You know, I looked at the Converse sneakers when I was in DSW a couple of weeks ago - but I'm old & creaky & I wasn't sure they had enough "support" for my arthritic hip. Sigh. Seriously - why are the "good" shoes so bleh looking?